Techsploration Goes to School

February 4 - April 2

Each Techsploration School Team shares their experiences and research with students at their school in the form of a unique presentation (often including a very creative performance).  Their school team role model, along with guest role models, set up stations with props, tools of their trade and information about their career. Small groups of students rotate through the stations to ask questions and participate in hands-on activities.

Young women and men, teachers, and staff all benefit from the opportunity to meet women working in today’s in-demand careers.


Add to Calendar February 4 April 2 Canada/Atlantic Techsploration Goes to School The 2nd phase of Techsploration's core programming includes the School Team's presentation at their school, followed by an engaging roundrobin session with various industry role models.
“The most important thing I learned from our school team role model is that if you get a job you love, you won't work a day in your life!”
– Keri Jade Roberts, Techsploration Alumna from Guysborough Academy